Interested in trying out the demo?

This site is a demo of a business workflow use case for an online insurance quote process. We have recorded a video that shows the complete process from a visitor filling in the initial quote form, to the agent reviewing it to the underwriter approving it. You can view the video but you can also try out the workflow and login as the agent and underwriter.

This site will be restored daily at 00:00 EST.

It is best that you first watch the demo and part 2 that provides a walk through of the maestro workflow template so you have a good idea of the process and workflow actors. After that, you may want to try out the site and run through the demo yourself and interact with the maestro task console to see how the interactive tasks work. Your  more then welcome to do so.

How to run the demo for yourself:



Login Information:

  • username: agentpassword: demopassword
  • username: underwriter  password: demopassword



Maestro Insurance is a demo site that has been developed to showcase a simple use case scenario of how Maestro, a Drupal module can be used for an insurance company. The Maestro module is a workflow engine/solution that will facilitate simple and complex business process automation. This module has been design and developed by Nextide Inc. For more information, please visit