Why Us

Maestro Insurance Services is not a real company. This is a website we at Nextide created to showcase and demo our Business Workflow solution for Drupal. If you have accidentally arrived here and are not interested in automating business workflow or exploring the Drupal Maestro module, then we are sorry to see you go.

The Maestro module is a business process workflow solution that allows you to create and automate a sequence of tasks representing any business, document approval or collaboration process.

If it can be flow-charted, then it can be automated with Maestro.

Workflows typically include the movement of documents or forms for editing with review and/or approval steps. A number of condition checks (if tasks) can be incorporated through simple admin functions and without any coding.

The process of requesting, reviewing and quoting of a home or auto insurance policy is an example of a business process that requires a form to be routed between multiple parties (internal or external). Normally the workflow to be automated is a business internal process but it can either start with an outside "anonymous" submission or at different parts of the workflow process.

Interested in trying out the demo - click here.


Maestro Insurance is a demo site that has been developed to showcase a simple use case scenario of how Maestro, a Drupal module can be used for an insurance company. The Maestro module is a workflow engine/solution that will facilitate simple and complex business process automation. This module has been design and developed by Nextide Inc. For more information, please visit www.nextide.ca.