You are about to begin a demonstration of the Maestro Workflow Engine by Nextide.  This demonstration will present you with a homeowners quotation form to fill in and the Maestro Workflow Engine will guide the process through to completion. 

You will have the ability to interact with the demonstration workflow by participating as the Quotation Initiator, Insurance Agent and Insurance Underwriter.  Please refer to our online documentation demonstrating the workflow process and the various login credentials required to act as the Insurance Agent and Underwriter.

This site is refreshed every day at 12am EST, removing all users and content and returning the site to a clean state.  However, if you enter personal information into the forms, other people using this demonstration during that 24 hour period will be able to view that information. 

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Maestro Insurance is a demo site that has been developed to showcase a simple use case scenario of how Maestro, a Drupal module can be used for an insurance company. The Maestro module is a workflow engine/solution that will facilitate simple and complex business process automation. This module has been design and developed by Nextide Inc. For more information, please visit